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How it works

Greenlight allows anyone to invest in private startups.

Search opportunities

Search opportunities presented on our platform that peak your interest. You will be able to review specif details regarding the investment offering
Free for investors

Green Light is investor-friendly by design with no hidden fees for investors who join our investor network

We launched to level the playing field for entrepreneurs and investors.

Industry-lowest minimums starting as low as $100 also help you build a more diversified portfolio.
Local and national

Participate in investment opportunities not only in your local area but also nation wide.
Support entrepreneurs

Now, you can support entrepreneurs you believe in!

How to start


Pick a startup you like.
Review the company pitch, terms, and decide whether you believe they will succeed.

Free to register

It is free for prospective investors to register on our platform. This allows you access to view investment opportunities.


Wait to see if the startup succeeds.
If the startup does well, your investment can bring a return.

Instead of passively waiting, we suggest you actively try and help your company and your investment!
Startup investing is risky. Learn about the risks.